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Singapore healthcare group to appoint 50 Manipuri nurses every year

IMPHAL: A healthcare group in Singapore has announced it will appoint 50 Manipuri nurses every year, to cater to the growing demand for nurses in hospitals and for home care in the Southeast Asian country, an official said.

This was conveyed to a team from Manipur that had gone to Mandalay recently for exchanging views on improving business and tourism as a part of India's Act East policy.

K. Palin, Managing Director of Shija Hospitals, the largest private healthcare group in Manipur, said, "The officials of the healthcare firm in Singapore conveyed to us that initially 50 nurses from Manipur will be appointed. After two years they will be promoted to staff nurses on the basis of their track record."

He quoted the official from Singapore as saying: "We want nurses from Manipur. First, they have similar physical features. Secondly, they can speak English which means that there will be no language barrier. Third, and most important factor is that the Manipuri nurses are hardworking, friendly and are very sincere in their profession".

"Since the number of aged patients who prefer home care services is increasing there is high demand for Manipuri nurses. Salary, allowances of the Manipuri nurses and other work conditions will be worked out," Palin said.

Manipur is the second largest nurse producing state in the country. There are Manipuri nurses in all major government and private hospitals, clinics and private establishments in India.

Many others are employed in foreign countries, especially in the Gulf.

L. Satyabati, an unemployed nurse in Manipur, said, "The news is welcome since there are over 30,000 unemployed nurses in Manipur and counting. Because of the alleged cash for job system in Manipur, nurses generally coming from poor families cannot get jobs. Several nursing students are in nursing colleges in India. There are two government nursing colleges and numerous private nursing colleges in Manipur."

One Manipuri women football team also went to Mandalay for an exhibition football match with the Myanmarese women football team.

Source: The New INDIAN EXPRESS, IANS, Published: 03rd February 2018 06:49 PM URL(

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