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Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine diagnoses and treat conditions affecting the respiratory (breathing) system, ie the nose, throat (pharynx), larynx, windpipe (trachea), lungs, and diaphragm.

Common Procedure / Interventions

The common procedures or intervention in respiratory medicine includes pleural (lung) ultrasound, bronchoscopy (examination of the bronchi), the main airways of the lungs, using a thin tube with a light and magnifying lens, known as an endoscope to view the lungs and possibly take a biopsy and thoracoscopy (examination of the thoracic cavity using an endoscope). 

The Technique Used Includes:

Inserting stents ( a thin mesh tube is inserted to keep the airways open), endobronchial ultrasound ( uses ultrasound and a bronchoscope to examine the airway walls and associated structure for disease), thermoplasty (thermal energy is applied to the airway wall to reduce the narrowing that occurs in asthma, inserting of indwelling catheters ( a soft, flexible tube is placed in the chest under local anesthesia, to drain fluid from the lungs).

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