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Our Quality System

Quality management system can be described as a set of key quality elements that must be in place for an organization’s work operations to function in a manner as to meet the organization’s stated quality objectives. Such a system provides the means to direct and control the organization with regard to quality. The increasing complexity of today’s healthcare services emphasizes the need for a systematic approach that both promotes and provides for the highest level of service quality and patient safety.

Quality Policy

Shija Hospital, Langol is committed to provide value added innovative and continually improving healthcare services consistently through learning, interfaced with futuristic technology.

Safety Policy

We at Shija Hospitals, Langol will ensure that all the best practices are adopted for the provision of the highest quality of healthcare, to guard the overall safety of patients and their attendants, employees, facilities & the environment.

Patient Safety Goals

  • Improve the accuracy of patient identification:
  • Effective Communication among the Care Givers:
  • Safe Use of Medications
  • Preventing wrong site, wrong – person, wrong procedure surgery
  • Risk of Hospital Associated Infections
  • Fall Prevention

Following committees are formed to monitor the quality system

  • NABH Core Committee (Quality Management Committee)
  • Infection Control Committee
  • Pharmacy Advisory Committee.
  • Code Blue Committee (CPR)
  • Medical, Morbidity and Mortality Audit Committee
  • Ethics and Research Committee
  • Purchase Committee
  • Condemnation Committee

Quality improvement is about ensuring that our focus is on improving, not just maintaining our services at Hospital. Quality improvement involves a focus on the safety, effectiveness, efficiency, acceptability, accessibility and appropriateness of services for consumers (who might be patients, relatives/parents, or the hospital and other health care professionals).

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