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Minimal Access Surgery

The team at Shija Hospitals conducted more than 19000 key-hole surgeries and still counting. The department provides modern and state of the art surgical treatment options.

Facilities offered for Key hole surgery:

  • Gall bladder & appendix removal
  • Ovary, uterus
  • Acute pain in abdomen, liver, intestine, spleen, pancreas & stomach
  • Hernia & adhesiolysis
  • Rectopexy (excessive protrusion per rectum)

Milestones of the department:

  • First in Manipur to install complete set of laparoscopic surgery and start Key-Hole Surgery on 10-05-1996.
  • 1st in Asia to install Harmonic Scalpel (USA) for bloodless Minimal Access Surgery.
  • 1st in Eastern India to perform puppetry Key-Hole surgery for gall bladder with just two tiny holes.
  • 1st in Eastern India to perform highly selective vagotomy and rectopexy.
  • 1st in Manipur to start SILS (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery).

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