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Minimal Access Surgery

The team at Shija Hospitals conducted more than 25000 key-hole surgeries and still counting. The department provides modern and state of the art surgical treatment options.

Facilities offered for Key hole surgery:

  • Gall bladder & appendix removal
  • Ovary, uterus
  • Acute pain in abdomen, liver, intestine, spleen, pancreas & stomach
  • Hernia & adhesiolysis
  • Rectopexy (excessive protrusion per rectum)

Milestones of the department:

• 1st to start full fledged laparoscopic surgery in Manipur 10th May 1996

* First to perform Lap Assisted Hysterectomy 1997.

• 1st to perform puppetry Key Hole surgery for Gall BladderWith just 2 tiny holes in Eastern India 1997

* First to perform Endoscopic Sinus Surgery1998.

• 1st to install Harmonic Scalpel (USA) for bloodless surgery in Asian sub continent 1997

• 1st to install diagnostic & therapeutic Video Endoscopyand ERCP in Manipur 1998

• 1st to perform self expanding metal stenting for esophagealCancer in NE India 2000

• 1st to install full fledged endo-urology facilities(PCNL, URS, ESWL, CLT, TURP, TURBT) in Manipur 2003

* First to start Arthroscopic Surgery 2003.

• 1st to perform Laparoscopic Nephrectomy in Manipur 2006

* First to perform Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery 2006.

*First to install Bronchoscopy 2006.

• 1st to perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)
In Manipur 2009.

• 1st to install High Definition (HD) Camera with LED Light Source (Stryker, USA) in Manipur 2010

• 1st to install Datex Ohmeda Aspire View AnaesthesiaWorkstation (USA) in Manipur 2010

• 1st private hospital in Manipur to be accredited for3 years post graduate DNB course in General Surgery 2010 and Shija has produced good laparoscopic surgeons.

• 1st in Manipur to introduce Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery (RIRS) with the installation of Holmium LASER (KARL STORZ, Germany) 2011

• 1st in Manipur to install Narrow Band Imaging – NBI (Olympus),a superior endoscopic technology 2012

* Lap donor nephrectomy in kidney transplant 2016.

• 1st to install Endoscopic Ultrasound in Manipur 2017

• 1st in Manipur to install complete Capsule EndoscopyUnit (Pill Cam) 2017

• 1st in Manipur to successfully perform Pancreatic Tumosu Removal laparoscopically 2017

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