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Health Packages

Shija Health Check

A variety of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, stroke and cancer may afflict us. Almost all of these problems first go through a long quiescent phase where they produce no symptoms. Therefore, it makes sense to detect and correct these problems during this silent phase.

Shija Health Check is a comprehensive programme to check for the efficiency of all vital organs, detect any potential illness at an early stage and cure it in time. The package is inclusive of necessary diagnostic tests and consultations with specialists. The old adage says "Prevention is better than cure", it is always recommended that one goes through a preventive check once a year. The sooner you detect any irregularity in your system, better is the management and outcome of treatment.

Does one time check up help ?

Regular check-ups are recommended since a disease can develop at any stage in life. Further a yearly check offers a review of any irregularity that was detected in the first check up.

What is so special about Shija Health Check ?

Shija Health Check is a comprehensive health screening programme that offers you the convenience of all tests and consultations with specialists under one roof. Since every individual and age group has different health needs, special care has been taken while designing specific packages to meet the same. In today's hectic world, most of us become more prone to a wider spectrum of diseases due to unnecessary stress & strain, lack of physical exercise and pollution. Shija Health Check is an excellent way to detect any disease in the earliest stage because 'Detection today is protection for tomorrow'.

The Packages offer:

  • Review of medical history along with physical examination by a physician.
  • Any other special test prescribed by the doctor can be conducted with applicable discount.
  • Full medical report for future reference.

Shija Health Check progamme offers the following packages

Packages Tariff
Shija Premium Health Check (Male) Rs. 5500
Shija Basic Health Check (Male) Rs. 2800
Shija Liver Check Rs. 1900
Shija Child Health Check Rs. 2800
Shija Premium Health Check (Female) Rs. 5700
Shija Basic Health Check (Female) Rs. 2900
Shija Heart Check Rs. 7000

The Detail list of Health-Test to be check up under each and every Health Packages can be seen via Android App. Download  HERE   - the "Shija Hospitals" Android Apps on GOOGLE PLAY.  The App have the facility for online booking of the Health Packages.

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